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Dating Sites – 15 Bold and Beautiful Websites

Dating Sites – With the increasing numbers of smartphone and tablet users, online dating has become a social and surprisingly public activity. Creating a dating site takes time, hard work and creativity. Whether you are working with a web design firm or you're a freelance designer, being

7 Top Websites of 2013 from a Design Perspective

It’s important to get traffic to your website, but it’s also important to keep people there. That’s why you should spend time on the design of your website so it is aesthetically pleasing and really embraces the brand and mood of your business. If you’re in the

30 Clean Web Designs with Big Background Images

One of the greatest trends in web design is the use of big background images and photographs in design. While bandwidth and speed limitations used to affect the number and size of images used on sites, these days, it’s possible to quickly load big background images, making

30 Fresh and Best Useful Examples of Grid Based Websites

Grid is a flexible tool which allows you to generate new and fresh ideas in designing a website. The display of a grid is not only used in the traditional newspaper layouts, but also allows you to achieve a fully functional and eye-catching website template. A good

30 Fresh Examples of Designer Portfolio Websites

PORTFOLIO is a reflection of the skills and talent of the designer that owns it. Often, the hardest web design while building a portfolio website can take a lot of the designer’s time to create and finish the best. Portfolios can be designed in several forms, specially