40 Professional Brochure Design Tutorials & Examples

Impressive and professional look brochure can really enhance your business because brochure is a useful tool for your business advertising, in business marketing brochure and business cards are very essential for everyone these days, these are the best tools to represent and promote your business,  so if you have ever wanted to show off your business services with a brochure or with business card and also you don’t want to spend some money on it then just do it yourself to get better color brochure printing, we have complied 40 Professional Brochure design tutorials and examples , where you can get great ideas, tips and tricks about brochure designing, hope this roundup will also be useful for graphic designers, there are so many inspirations for your brochure design needs. Enjoy!

Brochure Design Tutorials…

Creative Brochure Design Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop

Today with respect of users need just design an brochure with 2 pages (front + back page) where we shown an creative company brochure which is providing some services as technology and designing based roundups (Free PSD Source File)…

Design a Ready to Print Brochure in Photoshop

This time I’ll help you to create a ready to print three-fold brochure from scratch using only Photoshop. This tutorial is ideal for beginners and for people who want to know more about print design. Let’s get it started!

Making a Brochure Ad, Using Filters, Magnetic Lasso Tool

In this tutorial, we will be looking as how to make use of elements from an image, isolate it neatly, and use it in some other place, for this we need to know about the selection methods. In the following tutorial, for this purpose we will learn how to use the Magnetic Lasso Tool. Also in this tutorial we will see how powerful the filters can be in changing the feel of an image, along with the blend modes of layers…

How to Make Brochures Using Word Publisher

Using Microsoft Publisher you can create any different types of banners, brochures, labels,web pages etc. It is very easy to use publisher, no advanced designing knowledge is required to use it.There are plenty of templates to give you a start…

Trifold Brochure Design Tutorial

This trifold brochure graphic art tutorial features illustrated and text advice for creating 8-1/2 × 11 brochure artwork. Follow the design advice in this brochure design tutorial, and turn your digital graphics and text into powerful print marketing materials.

Brochure Design with InDesign

When designing a brochure, it’s important to consider various design and layout principles. Often there won’t be as much text as with a newspaper or magazine. The purpose of a brochure and the target audience are different as well. Let’s go through the process of creating a “real world” brochure for a hot air balloon company…

How to Design and Layout a Brochure

Learn how to design and layout a brochure in this article for graphic designers…

Travel brochure cover tutorial

ver needed a travel brochure for a client or wanted to make a brochure for your band or candle business? Let’s build one together using PS. This tutorial is for the cover of a travel brochure, but I made it for my personal site from images I collected on road trips…

Create brochures that help you sell in Publisher

Microsoft Publisher includes pre-designed brochure publications, set up specifically to provide information about special offers. By starting with a pre-designed publication…

Design Makeover

Designers help a publisher cook up a more professional brochure…

Designing a Brochure Cover

Simple shapes form the basis for this colorful brochure design tutorial.  This tutorial is especially valuable for its attention to how cropping and shaping objects together leads to a better design…

Making a corporative style – Corporate brochure style

Hallo, today we are going to practice in making a corporative style for some kind of imaginary company. I will be using Photoshop CS for this one.

The Complete Brochure Online Design Toolkit

Designing your own brochures online, while still a major task, is now very possible with what’s accessible through the WWW.

Create a Stunning Car Showroom Brochure

Use Photoshop to transform a digital photograph of your car into a flawless showroom brochure page.

Brochure with Photoshop, Indesign and UPrinting.com – Part 1

Years ago when I first decided that I’d like to try out print design (my background is in web and screen work), I had this impression that there was some magically difficult things you had to know to get stuff printed. The reality is that for simple projects it’s actually very easy. In this tutorial I will walk you through the complete process of designing a simple brochure, getting it ready for print and then actually uploading it to a commercial online printer, checking the proof and seeing the finished product.

How to Create a Simple Business Brochure Using Microsoft Word

Most small business owners don’t have huge marketing budgets and end up taking care of marketing materials themselves. This is where Microsoft Word comes in as a lifesaver…

Brochure Design Examples…

Real Estate brochure

Trump Hollywood – Logo, Brand, Print, Website

Corporate Identity RFV

2010 Epic Awards


Antonio Bonanno

Genesi Brochure – Comunication Design Studio


SH’N Mood Booklet

Toast Creative


Source Creative

Leporello Street Art design 1

Matt Wahl

The Conqueror


Lake Shore Brochure


Anchure brochure

Bina Brochure

CAS Brochure/Mailer

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