35 Amazing Typographical Photographs: Beyond Imagination

Graphic design has a variety of mathods and typography is one of the most important tool in graphic design, mostly graphic designers often use it to make their work more attractive. As everyone loves amazing and creative pictures but doesn’t it feel good when someone make pictures with just different typefaces? Well, it feels really wonderful and therefore, I’ve brought to you a huge collection of typographical portraits, look at these amazing artworks done by the various artists around the world. In this collection you’ll find 35 amazing typographical photos and further inspiration as well.

Typographical Portrait

Typographic Portraits


Scott Weiland

Nick Cave

A thousand words

Typographic Portrait

Jiin Baskerville Face

Nelly Furtado

Facing my Dreams

Typographic Self Portrait

Typography Portrait



Typographic Portrait


Type Portrait 1

typographic seobaby

Kiksology in text

Typographic Self Portrait

Typographic Portraits



Typographic Portraits


Typographic Self Portrait

Self Portrait

A Picture Worth a 1000 Words

Typographic Portraits

Sharon den Adel Text Portrait

Type Self Portrait

Typography Portrait

Typography Self Portrait

Scarlett J. – Type Face 2

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