Business Card Tricks to Make You Stand Out from the crowd

Even in today’s digital age business cards are still essential to any professional who wants to connect with individuals in their field. But you can also do so much more nowadays to make sure that your business card is remembered.

Sell yourself clearly

You may only have a small space on which to promote yourself, which is why you need to make everything that you put on them count. When you create a business card, just use your name and what you do on it, with a phone number and email address plus links to an online portfolio. You can show your flair and creativity in the design of the card but with the details, it is best to keep it clear and clean.


A great way to show that you are on top of new trends and technologies might be to use a QR code. They are similar to barcodes and users can link straight to portfolios or sites with just a scan of a smartphone.

You could also use images, as a visual reminder of who you are and what you do will often stick more than something written. Maybe even think of changing the shape of the card into something which really signifies you and the work you do, but be careful, if the cards don’t fit into a wallet or pocket then they may end up in the bin.

Quality says ”I care”

When it comes to having your cards printed use a quality printer, ink and paper. Nothing says ”I can’t be bothered” more than a flimsy, poorly printed card. A quality business card will give people the right impression – a creative and dedicated individual. Plus, with being printed on higher quality paper, the cards will also last longer.


You may even want to experiment with the material that you use, in the past I have seen pop-up business cards, cut-out cards, metal, wood and even rubber ones.


You may be thinking, how on earth can I socialize on my business card? If you are the sociable type and attend lots of events then it might be a good idea to put an image of yourself on the card that way people can put a face to a name and also remember you if they see you elsewhere.

While there are many ways to make your business card stands out from the crowd, make sure that you don’t use all these tricks at once. The key to your card getting used is to make it memorable, different and clear.

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