24 Websites Specially Designed with HTML5

Today we bring you an incredible collection of sites specially designed with html5. HTML5 has made the site easier and easier to build. The latest version of html5 has many features and concepts that focus on easy accessibility. You do not have embedded flash components, all you need is HTML5 and once you really understand, you’ll change the way you code and even think about the web and your own web applications.

If you look further you can see that HTML5 templates are compatible to all browsers with its functionality and features. That makes building beautiful and functional websites easier than ever before. Here you’ll find the Best HTML5 Websites of 2012 based on visual artistry, ease of use, and uniqueness. Have a look so that you can better understand and appreciate the power and versatility of the standard.

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    Very good designs, unfortunately some browsers like internet explorer not yet fully accept HTML5.

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