Zurker – A New Concept in Social Networking

Now a day’s Social Networking is not just limited to re-connecting with friends, dating and sharing views. It’s now used as an essential business tool for brand promotions, marketing and sales. More and more businesses are turning to Social Networking sites to promote themselves online. I also joined a new and innovative Social Networking Website – Zurker.com

Zurker is one of the most exciting and fresh ideas that I have recently seen on the web.  If you are looking for something new in social networking – there is opportunity to be part of rapidly growing social network Zurker.


Why is this cool?

One of the amazing things about Zurker is that it’s owned by small investors, rather than venture capitalists. And that’s not all. Those small investors are also members there. New members can easily earn a stake of ownership in Zurker, in the form of a vShare, by inviting their friends. vShares are stakes of ownership in Zurker. You can actually own a slice of the company that runs Zurker.

Members are owners; I like the idea of social media owned by its members. It certainly beats the Facebook model. There is a clever synergy at work here. If Zurker grows and becomes successful as a social network, all the members who own units of equity stand to benefit, since the company itself becomes more valuable. The best-case scenario is a virtuous cycle of enthusiastic members promoting a site which they not only use but also own.

Members have a chance to share in the growth and profits of their Zurker for no investment other than a little time. The only investment needed is a little time. Time you might otherwise have wasted making the owners of Facebook or Twitter a little richer.

Functionality to allow each and every member to control their own privacy; you control your privacy (for every update and photo you post) through the use of zurks, tags, street & home concepts. I guess I ought to explain a bit more. A “zurk” is a bit like a Facebook “like” but it’s better because it’s a more neutral word. For example it somehow seems inappropriate to “like” a post about someone dying but in Zurker you would “zurk” it to highlight it was a post worth sharing.

Open books policy; Zurker operates on an open books policy and it openly publishes all generated incomes and made expenditures on the site. You can have a look on the amount of the raised funding by members and the stuff on which it is spent. In my knowledge such kind of transparency in business is rarely found online. If you want to make some investment, I want you to have a look at this information first.

Many of us don’t get the opportunity to make some investment in start-ups, especially the one having such visible potential. Zurker’s funding is geared for raising small investments from various users rather than having large sums from Venture Capital investors. The process is simple and you can do invest any amount even if it’s only $1. Investment in Zurker may be one of the shrewdest and the smartest choices you have ever made, so go ahead and become an investor, even if it’s just a few bucks and a bit of fun.

Responsive support and management; if you have any question just ask and you’ll be amazed by how quickly and openly they respond. They treat everyone as a friend and colleague and welcomed searching questions.

Confidentiality; you don’t need to give any of your real-life details, even username is enough.

No ads whatsoever; Zurker is advert free and has a very strict anti-spam policy

Features; A number of unique features (tags, street/home: streeme, etc.)

Democratic approach to everything

Higher educational level of members than in FB or Google+

Open statistics Zurker exists in 9 countries now, all listed Here on our open stats page:

Personal info of users will never be sold to anyone

At the end I would say for all of these reasons I believe that Zurker has real potential to become the most popular social network on the Planet. Currently the site is in Beta Testing and membership is by invitation only. So here is your invite to be a part of this great community. See you there and we’ll become friends. I’m sure!

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