19 Valuable CSS3/HTML5 Menu and Navigation Tutorials

No body can deny the fact that the designing industry has flourished on account of its ever changing new trends. That’s why; designers have to go with the stream including new trends in visual design like jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. In this connection, they are using maximum possible latest techniques in their designs to get the utmost output. Everyone knows very well that drop-down and navigation menus are an important key part of websites, as well as for an effective user interface. The categories of the products or services should be well organized and give users the ability to quickly navigate between different categories.

It might be really challenging for novice designers to design and code from bottom level. For that reason, we have gathered 19 valuable drop-down menu and navigation tutorials for beginner designers. They only need to customize them to reflect the desired designing concept. You can also use our previous collection 30 Superb jQuery Plugins for Dropdown Navigation Menus to learn something new and don’t forget to give your sagacious comments for our appreciation. Also share your own collection if any, for the best interest of the new designers.

Bottom Menu Builder (HTML5)

Bottom navigation website menu. I am sure that you have seen it many times (at different websites). As usual, this is three-four columns menu with different links. Today I would like to show you a builder, which you can use to build that bottom menu.


Bottom Menu Builder Part 2

In this final part of ‘Bottom Menu Builder’ We are going to implement our final features: Preview and Export (optional). So, webmaster will be able to arrange links by drag and drop, and then he can click ‘Preview’ button in order to Preview (and export results)..


HTML5 Canvas Navigation menu with Fire

I made up my mind to prepare our first pure html5 canvas menu (basically – this is some set of buttons). We will create these buttons with a fire affect at the bottom. And you will be able to set custom click actions for menu elements..

html5 navigation-menu

Menu Notification Badges Using HTML5 Data-Attributes


Musical drop down menu

In this new tutorial you’ll learn about developing cool musical drop down menu (html5 + css3)..


Google Play’s minimal tabs with CSS3 & jQuery

In this article you’ll learn how to build some new CSS3 & jQuery tabs inspired by Google Play‘s design..


Learn How To Create a CSS3 Animated Flyout Social Menu

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create your very own animated fly out social menu with css3..


Interactive menu with CSS3 & jQuery

In this article you’ll learn how to create an interactive menu using CSS3 goodness and jQuery’s power.

interactive-menu using css3 and jquery

Office Style CSS3 Multilevel Menu

In this tutorial I will give you another one brilliant crossbrowser css3 navigation menu. This is click action drop down menu with strict office styles (like MS Office styles)..


Responsive CSS3 Menu with Dropdown

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a navigation menu with dropdowns purely in CSS.


Outstanding New Menu Method with CSS3

In this tutorial you’ll learn a new menu method with CSS3 and how to illustrate the concepts of using gradients and movement all from within CSS3!

css3-dropdown menu

How to Create a CSS3 Dropdown Menu

In this tutorial you will learn how to create navigation menu with CSS3..


Create Shiny Horizontal Navigation Menu

Learn how to create shiny horizontal navigation menu with easy few steps..

css3 horizontal menu

Create a Drop Down List For any Horizontal Menu

Learn how to create a list for dropdown horizontal menu..

dropdown horizontal menu

CSS Horizontal Dropdown Navigation Menu 

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a basic CSS navigation menu..


Accordion with CSS3

css accordion menu

Orman Clark’s Vertical Navigation Menu: The CSS3 Version

Learn how to create an awesome vertical navigation menu..


Pure CSS3 LavaLamp Menu

CSS3 breadcrumbs


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