30 Fresh Examples of Designer Portfolio Websites

PORTFOLIO is a reflection of the skills and talent of the designer that owns it. Often, the hardest web design while building a portfolio website can take a lot of the designer’s time to create and finish the best. Portfolios can be designed in several forms, specially those related to design, photography and other creative professions. They are a great way for web designers to show off their work and present to prospective employers what they can do. A Portfolio should be attractive so that it can inspire new customers. But it should also give complete information about your business and service to your clients.

BUT the biggest problem is that, With so many portfolios out there, it is hard to make yours stand out from the rest. So to resolve this problem, here are some unique and fresh examples of graphic/web designer portfolio sites for your inspiration. Go through these designs and make your portfolio different and innovative! I hope this post will encourage you to create your own portfolio to get a solid presence on the web.

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    Some nice examples here, but is the Mohsen samiee site really a good example?? Any website that needs instructions (as this does – even the designer/developer thinks that as they have put them on the page) or has pointless functions like rotating the image on the screen should not be considered as a ‘fresh example’. What pointless and ‘confusing’ functionality.

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