How to Print off Your Photos for Professional Use

Do you know how to print images that will improve your professional image? Whether you’re developing head shots, creating business brochures or putting together a portfolio of your photography or artwork, there’s a definite need for high quality resolution. By taking the time to educate yourself on latest printing and ink technologies, you can present your audience with professional, eye-catching images. Here’s a quick guide to printing high-quality images.

Choose Your images Wisely

Before you do anything else, it’s important to understand that some images are not as “printer friendly” as others. Although some applications will allow you to increase an image’s size, for instance, a low resolution photo will often appear fuzzy or blurry when “blown up” Additionally, playing around with an image’s size can create situations where part of the photo is cropped out, or cut off. In order to avoid these printing headaches, it is a good idea to select only high resolution photos and take the time to preview your images after specifying your preferred print size. This will alert you to any problems like ends being cut off from the edges of your images so that you can either re-adjust the print size or select a more compatible photo for printing.

Find the Right Printer

Once you’ve selected high-quality images, you’ve got to find a high quality printing device. A standard color printer may be good enough for an office memo, but you’ll need a photo printer to create truly professional looking images.

Before you go out and make your purchase, you should stop and think about what it is that you will actually need your printer for. Will you use it for smaller images, or for large head shots and flyers? Will you be printing mass quantities that need to be developed quickly? All factors should be taken into consideration, as certain printers are better at achieving specific objectives than others. The Canon Selphy CP800 is ideal for those who need to print small images like photos for company ID cards, business cards, or postcards. Photographers, on the other hand, may prefer the HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus (pictured), which allows photos to emailed to it and will print remotely.

In this way, images captured at a photo shoot or on a photography outing can be printed and ready for review when you get back to your home or office. Got the need for speed? The Lexmark Interact 5605 is one of the fastest on the market. Ultimately, you should find the best match for your needs so that you get the most out of your prints.

Use the Best Paper

When it comes to printing paper, you can’t be stingy. The copy paper that you normally use is not going to offer you the professional and aesthetically pleasing images you look for. Again, it’s smart to evaluate what you are trying to achieve with your prints before selecting your paper. Businesses who are printing promotional postcards, for instance, may opt to utilize a photo paper with a glossy finish in order to attract more attention. For deeper colors and the better capture of fine details, a matte finish is best. Art-specific photo paper is also available which combines a matte finish with richer texture, similar to water color.

Take Advantage of Technology

Even with all other things having been carefully considered, your images will not look as professional without the right ink. In fact, low-quality ink has long been one of the greatest woes of image printing. Certain inks have a tendency to fade over time – in some cases, as soon as 10 years after the image was printed. New ink technologies, however, make it possible to hold image quality for much longer. As an example, the improvements made to pigment-based ink enable the printing of images which can last up to 150 years, when properly stored or displayed. Other newer technologies like hybrid ink (a combination of dye-based and pigment-based) make it possible to produce long-lasting images with the color vibrancy that dye-based ink has to offer.

By following these four steps, you’ll enjoy professional images every time.

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