10 Best CSS Animation Tools To Ease Your Work


Want to create a site with some great CSS animation? Check out some of the best CSS Tools below for fulfilling such needs of yours, without knowing code…

The new generation online surfer seeks for things that catches their fancy. But with a dozen of good looking websites on the Internet, and a lot more sites being developed with advanced features, it’s becoming even more difficult than ever to grab web surfers attention. Perhaps, some of you might think that animation can help you achieve such an objective.

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No doubt, animation proves a viable component in catching the users eye, however, make sure to avoid using flash animation – that make the loading speed of your website slow. One best way to do so requires using CSS animations. Long gone are the days, when you need to create animations in CSS, by creating scripts – that was written in JavaScript. Luckily, there are a plenty of CSS animation tools available online animating with CSS has become a pretty easy task.

Best CSS Animation Tools:

The CSS animation tools help in creating amazing animations for website with ease. In addition, they also help save a lot of time – that you otherwise would have spend – in writing scripts for the animations. Through this post, I would like to help you learn about 10 of the best CSS animation tools worth checking out:

All In One Buttons

css tools

Transition animations serve as worthy website components that let users know about what is happening, and most importantly, catches the users’ attention more easily. For example, buttons that changes from “disabled” to “enabled” mode with a cross-fading transition quickly capture users’ attention. If you’ve been planning to perform WordPress website development, and would like to create CSS3 animated buttons for your site, then “All In One Buttons” is exactly what you need. It is a CSS3 based WordPress plugin that helps in generating animated button that can placed on your website pages/posts via shortcodes.


Animate css

This is a library that comes loaded with several cool, cross-browser animation effects that can help make a site layout a lot more attractive. The animation effects can be added to a website homepage, sliders, etc. – just by using a simple CSS class. In order to make use of the animate.css for your site, all you need to do is to add the stylesheet into your HTML document’s <head> section, and then add the “animated” class to the element you want to be animated.

Magic Animations

CSS Animations

This is another CSS3 library that comes packed with CSS3 animations. However, it helps add animations with special effects, such as: Magic Effects, Bling, Slide, Rotate and many more. You might find this tool a lot similar to Animate.css, however, it comes with a lot more exorbitant keyframe effects. The animations created using the Magic animations tool work in all the modern browsers except for Opera Mini.

Hover CSS

hover css

With the continuous increase in the use of Smartphones and tablets, it has become important for site owners to simulate gestures for visitors using touch-enabled devices. For example, the hover gesture can be applied to buttons, links, and other key elements of your site. This is where the Hover CSS tool comes in handy. It is a collection of CSS3-enabled hover effects that can be easily applied to your website elements like logos, featured images, links, etc.

Page Transitions

CSS Transitions

Want to showcase some interesting and smooth transition effects to your website pages? In that case, the Page Transitions tool is worth exploring. It displays a collection of many different page transition effects – that are created using CSS animations. Using this tool, you can apply animations to pages, ideal for creating navigation effects.


css animation tools

This is the best tool that helps in adding shake effects to your web page elements. You just need to use the CSShake library in your project for using shaking animation effects. The library comprises of a collection of different CSS classes (like Basic Shake, Crazy Shake, Slow Shake and many more) that will help make your site shaking.


css effects

Often adding small 3D animations and subtle transitions to an app or a site help provide users with an enhanced experience. But, designing and developing user interfaces for mobile devices can be tricky, especially when you need to showcase something that performs at 60 fps (short for frames per second). However, “jankfree” CSS-based animation and transitions ensures better rendering performance. You can create such type of animations using the Effeckt.css tool.



Also referred to as the “CSS Easing Animation Tool”, Cesar lets you choose an easing function to display how an animation effect will look like on the screen. The best part is that this tool also allows adjusting and fixing the easing as you deem perfect. And based on the settings, you’ve chosen the tool will provide you with code snippets to be used for adding animations in your project.


css3 animations

Creating CSS3 animations have certain limits to it, the most significant is the inability to have complete control over the animations. However, the Anima CSS animation tool allows to have complete control over the animation flow. For instance, it enables to start, stop and cancel an animation. Most importantly, this tool allows using “delays” and “durations” even for pure CSS3 animations. For creating animations, Anima make combine use of both the CSS and 3d-transforms with Javascript.


css3 animation tool

Last on the list is Stylie, a graphical CSS3 animation tool that allows creating animations without writing the code by hand. It makes the process of designing graphical animations quick and easy, and allows setting up keyframes, motion, HTML, etc.


Want to create a site featuring some great CSS3 powered animations? Well, then there are tools available on the web that can help you in fulfilling such need of yours, without having to spend time in coding. You just need to identify the sort of animation you want on your site or the kind of animation effects you wish to apply to your website elements, and the aforementioned tools will help you perform the same task with ease.

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