Why are Designers Selling Their Work So Cheaply?

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Recently there has been an upward trend in font designers reducing the price of their creative work to be part of a bundle or even free giveaways, we take a look into why this is happening…..

First of all, it has to be said that to reduce your prices by 96-98% is a bit of a gamble, in fact, it is almost Ludacris and you have to be a little be crazy to even consider it, but these artists are doing just that, and for a good reason as well!

There are two main ways businesses make money, selling with a high margin, and selling in high volumes, the latter is where these designers are taking advantage of a booming market place.

By bundling fonts into a so called “font bundle” artists are able to sell in very high volumes they wouldn’t normally be able to reach through their own design and social media channels. The exposure for one font could be hundreds or even thousands of times more financially rewarding than what it would be if a designer went through their usual sales channels. By selling at heavily reduced prices as part of a bundle, it actually means that the overall money made from a partnership is a lot more than they would make by selling at higher prices. Even giveaways are bringing so much exposure from a bigger platform that sales are increasing by giving things away for free!

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One such company teaming up with designers at the moment and creating a buzz around the design world is FontBundles.net. A relatively new company they have been transforming the graphic design world with enticing heavily reduced font bundles. With high sales and great feedback artists and designers have been flocking to become a part of the action, almost guaranteeing themselves success by being a part.

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