You Don’t Have to Be a Geek to Have Your Own Blog, Here’s Why

have your own blog

Unless you are living on a remote island in the Pacific, you would know what a blog is, and what may be the many benefits of starting one. Blogging has given people a unique platform to have their say to a suitable number of readers or share their expertise or experiences in a certain niche.

However, just because it is online doesn’t mean only geeks and cyber nerds can have a blog. You may not have much idea, but the Internet has advanced a lot in enabling even the most non-geeks to handle online stuff, and one of its gifts are website builders, like

Wix is a cloud-based website builder and it’s just the thing one would need to start a blog without having much knowledge about the technicalities. Starting a blog with Wix is very intuitive and straightforward. You can get HTML5 capabilities, 500+ designer-made templates, top grade hosting, innovative Apps, and numerous other features, that too, absolutely free.

In the following I will discuss some important steps in creating a blog with an aim to bust the myth that only geeks can have a blog of their own.

have your own blog

1. Carve out a purpose for your blog

Like every other online or offline venture, a blog too needs proper research before its commencement. You need to find a specific niche of your blog, a field you are interested or have expertise in. It is an absolutely simple and quite important step, and you do not need a degree in IT to do it.

Quick Tip: If you know what you want to blog about, try to dig out some nice examples of the blogs that already exist in that niche. That will give you a good idea about what is going on in the contemporary market of your field.

2. Choose the best possible name for it

Choosing a name for your blog that goes with its theme, the niche you opt for and is crisp and catchy as well, is a difficult yet quite doable task. The name of your blog will be its very first point of interaction and introduction, therefore you need to think long and hard to come up with the most suitable option.

You also need to decide which extension you want to go with i.e. either .com, .net, .org or the extension of your home country. This step also involves much planning because you need to know how expanded you want your horizon of readership to be.

Quick Tip: Jot down a whole list of names you think are suitable for your blog and then go to any name-checking website to confirm if this name is available or already taken.

3. See where will you keep it and how will you manage it

This is the point where one can say that a knowledge in website building is required because once you decide upon a name and theme for your blog the next step is to check the options for hosting as well as content management.

For the non-geeks out there, hosting means to buy storage space for your blog and its contents to be stored safely and it is where the new stuff gets stored as well. On the other hand, content management system (CMS) is the platform from where you upload or edit your content (textual and graphic both).

Quick Tip: Hosting and CMS make up for the infrastructure of your blog so be very wise in choosing both. Wix provides you with its own hosting servers as well as an efficient Blog Editor to write new posts, edit drafts, schedule upcoming posts and more in just a few clicks.

4. Decide how it will look like

Once the behind-the-scene infrastructure of your blog is done, it is time to give it a face and decide how it will look to your visitors. Your blog’s design is the first thing your visitors see (yes, even before reading any content) and it is responsible for giving lasting impression to them.

Keep your blog’s design simple, navigation easy, categories defined and color scheme appealing, because people will not be enticed to stay on your blog for long if the design is not attractive. I think, the Gear Hungry is a pretty perfect example to get inspiration for your own homepage design strategy.

Quick Tip: Building a blog with Wix is so easy, and you will have a freedom to choose from 500+ designer-made templates. These templates are highly optimized and also quite easily customizable, so anyone with a computer and a mouse can give a nice face to his blog.

5. Look for ways to promote it

Once you successfully launch your blog and start uploading content on it, the next thing you want is more eyeballs to come and take a look at it. Therefore promoting your blog on social media is super important.
Social media platforms give your blog a vast and niche-based readership and add a lot to the interactivity of your blog with its readers.

Quick Tip: Wix comes with many useful apps and widgets that can get incorporated in your blog and give you the opportunity to promote your posts easily on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and a number of other SM platforms.

Bottom Line

It is a blessing to have a platform where you can express your opinion or share your expertise, and a blog is just the right one to do so. But some of the most brilliant and creative minds can’t start a blog because they think it is too geeky. With these tips and online website builders this is now just a myth. Happy blogging!

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