7 Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Living Room

small living room decorating ideas

The living room is right-off the entry in most homes; therefore, it gives the first impression of your entire house when visitors pay homage. That said, it’s natural that you’ll want the first impression to linger by making the room appealing, inviting and comfortable. Consider the following ideas to enhance your living room dramatically.

small living room decorating ideas

1. Utilize area rugs in high traffic sections

Area rugs work best in rooms with hard surfaces or hardwood floorings. However, they can still fit well with carpeted floors. Typically, area rugs are utilized under furniture, coffee tables, chairs, and sofas. The size of the area rug you choose will depend a lot on the size of your living room and the amount of furniture present. The best practice is to have an area rug large enough to cover the entire living room floor. Aside from protecting your floor surfaces from wear and tear, an area rug increases the aesthetic value of your living space.

2. Incorporate pictures and artwork on your wall

The walls might reflect the colours you admire, but leaving them bare will not bring out the best of your living room. Hanging pictures and artwork exhibit a sense of personality to family and visitors, injecting vibrancy and liveliness in your room.

However, finding the right pictures and artworks and establishing a similar vector to come up with a clean flow of aesthetics is not a stroll in the park. Companies like Best4Frames supply ready-made, splendidly crafted picture frames, photo frames, custom picture mounts, and custom photo frames to help you carve out something exceptional with your artwork and give you something that matches your living room décor. Your living room will be a hit if you consider putting pictures of your loved ones in your frames. Most people resonate with family photos more than anything else.

3. Alternate your living room furniture

Many people like the idea of matching their living room furniture. However, that almost always doesn’t spice up your living room. Try to keep things interesting by varying your furniture. Having just two sofas facing each other may be considered old school. Mixing it with a loveseat, chair and coffee table in the middle will do the trick. The first attempt at arranging and combining the different furniture pieces may not hit, but keep alternating until you find the pattern that is truly interesting. Also, try to incorporate an accent piece to inject some passion into your furniture arrangement.

4. Consider plant life to create a natural outlook

You can add greenery in the form of potted flowers or plants. Plant life makes your living room look lively, natural and smell good. Plants are advantageous because they improve indoor air quality by sucking up carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen, making your living room healthy. The golden rule of the thumb when adding plant life in your living room is to situate them near windows or doors since they depend on sunlight to grow healthy.

5. Enable penetration of natural light

While artificial lighting is good for enhancing your living room’s appearance, natural lighting is preferable during the day. Natural lighting doesn’t interfere with your vision. However, too much natural light can be a big miss when you want to enhance your living room appearance. Ensure you use gauzy linens or blinds to control the amount of natural light entering your living room.

6. Go with the conversation pit style layout

The idea of the conversation pit is to get people close to each other for effective conversation with a coffee table and fireplace in proximity. This sitting arrangement mimics patio areas in high-end restaurants and bars where people sit together to socialise. Your living room will look warm if you enable guests to converse conveniently.

7. Enhance movie watching experience with dimmers

The ability to dim lights can offer great cinematic experience when watching your favourite movie, so installing dimmers will go a long way. Dimming as opposed to switching off lights will make it convenient for everyone. Dimming lights are also easier on your eyes when you turn them back on to full brightness instead of just switching them on.

Making your living room appealing and scintillating puts you in a special place in society, so you would want to do just that. The main determinants of your living room aesthetic value are the availability of pictures and artworks, so investing in those first will make the biggest improvement to your living room.

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