Simple design Skills Every Small Business Designer Should Know

small business designers

Anyone working as a designer for a small business will know that you are expected to know it all and to do it all. As you will probably be in charge of everything from the business cards to creating images, logos, editing video and spearheading mobile campaigns. it is fair to say you have to be a designer of many talents. Mastering a variety of tools and skills is not easy but is really important in order to keep up with the demands of being a big designer clog in a small sized company. So with that in mind we are sharing the most important design skill and tools that every small business designer should know.

small business designers

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Business Cards

With billions of business cards being printed every year, around the globe, it is inevitable that you are going to need to master the art of creating attractive business cards for your company. Starting with a template in Adobe inDesign you will be able to customise your cards, update logos, play with colour palettes and fonts until you find a business card design that works best for your company. If you are not very well versed yet in Adobe you may want to consider signing yourself up for adobe acrobat training classes in order to master the art of Adobe. It is an essential tool for any designer and will allow you to create all manner of designs for your companies branding and marketing material from business cards to brochures and marketing material.


Newsletters are one of the most crucial marketing materials for any small business and as a designer it is really important to work up a template that will look great both in print and digitally. As great looking newsletters are so important these days mastering this area of business marketing will mean that this skill will be in high demand.

Logo Design

Having a great logo is imperative for any company, big or small. Logos tell a story and allows a company to be recognisable and trusted. Therefore as a designer for a small company you are going to need to make sure that you are focused on creating a really powerful and effective logo design. You will need to be thinking about how you can bring your company’s story to life and how you can develop the visual identity of the company through your logo design. So focus on the different colours that you can use to reflect the brand values of your company and explore the vector shapes and typography that you can use in order to create a logo that your customers will be able to recognise.

Events & Business Flyers

Almost 80% of B2B marketers use events as part of their business marketing plans. However a successful event all rests on successful promotion and that is where you come in. In order to ensure solid attendance numbers and in order to get a good ROI from your events you are going to need to create attractive and convincing flyers to entice people to attend the event. As a designer you will know that flyers now should be created to be used in a variety of formats. In print and in digital formats in order to be mailed out and posted online. Therefore again InDesign will be your best tool for creating flyers from existing visual aspects and for publishing PDF’s and sharing your flyers in print and online.

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