Aesthetic Assessments – How to Know When Your Home Needs a Little Love

your home needs a little love

Over time, our homes will naturally become outdated or damaged, which may require us to proceed with renovations, remodelling or restyling. Although, due to how much time we spend in our homes, we can become blinded to the degree of damage our foundations, facades, and decor have acquired over the years. This makes it important to know when your home needs a little love, so we have outlined different reasons why you may need to make these necessary changes.

your home needs a little love

When The Floor Needs To Be Replaced

One initial sign that your home needs a little love is when the tiling on your floors is starting to detach. This means that the grouting in between the tiles is starting to wither, which is common in parts of the house that are typically fixed with tiles, like the bathroom and kitchen. This can be a result of many things, but your primary thought should be to get it fixed.

Showing your floor some love by purchasing new tiles and getting them professionally installed will improve the condition of your house and make it feel newer. Not to mention that it will provide you with the opportunity to add any design features that harmonise with some of your favourite interior decor ideas. If you would like to change the design of your floor to a further extent, you can always add some wood floors or carpet. Wortley group are fabric suppliers in Australia known for their quality materials, and utilizing them will help set an appealing new atmosphere within your home and establish a new fresh feel.

The Roof is leaking

A leaking roof is a troublesome issue, and quite a difficult one to deal with if you don’t have the right tools and experience. Leakages in your roof in the first place, however, is likely due to poor installation services or an already rotting roof. Either way, showing your home some love and fixing your roof will prevent you from having to deal with pesky leakages. Plus, it will also make you feel better about the condition of your home.

No one wants to invite over company while they have leakages inside their house. Therefore, getting it fixed right away by hiring a handyman is smart, especially if there is a poor weather forecast. Pricing on roof repairs is relatively standard, and according to Angie’s list, a basic roof package will cost between $4,500 – $10,000. This is determined by square foot of roofing required for repair, allowing you to determine a rough cost of the entire reconstruction.


Pests and insects are definitely something each and every homeowner should aim to avoid. This is because their presence not only means that you have low-quality materials, but more often than not, suggests that there is an existent termite infestation. This alone should convince you to show your house the love it needs and proceed with the necessary renovations and mitigation processes.

Insects are naturally attracted to messy, dirty and unpleasant spots, and if they currently reside within your home, that probably means that the materials within your home are deteriorating. This untidy status is a good reason and even greater opportunity to show your house some love!

There you have it, three different signs of knowing when your home needs a little love. Whether it be a few simple repairs or something more extensive like renovating or remodelling it is important to show your home the love it needs.

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