Illuminating Changes – Using Creative Lighting to Revitalise Your Backyard

creative lighting

The backyard is a space that many of us are guilty of under utilising. In actual fact, backyards can be made into a private area of zen for you and your family to truly enjoy in the evenings, or in the morning whilst having an alfresco breakfast. If you’re going to be spending more time in your backyard, you want it to look the part.

creative lighting

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This is where creative lighting comes into play. In this article, we will look at ways in which you can use creative lighting to revitalise your backyard. With just a few simple solutions, you’ll turn your backyard from drab to fab. Read on to find out more!

1. Light Your Pathways Up

One of the most popular garden lights that many people tend to utilise in their backyards is rope lights. Rope lights can create a very welcoming pathway from your home or back entrance into your backyard. Rope lights can even be attached to decks, stepped areas and raised beds, creating a true sense of magic in your backyard. Furthermore, LED rope lights are cost effective and low energy, ensuring that you won’t be surprised with a shocking electricity bill anytime soon.

2. Provide A Bit Of Theatre

The best way to provide a bit of dramatic flair to your backyard is with accent lights. Accent lights help to highlight the existing features in your backyard, making things stand out and creating an overall warm and inviting ambience. You can use accent lights to highlight trees, steps or even your pool if you have one. Some great examples of accent lights are fairy lights, paper lanterns, and string lights. Available in a myriad of shapes and colours, you will be spoilt for choice.

3. Backlighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be right in your face – sometimes, shadows from backlighting can truly bring a sense of drama and magic to your backyard. Backlighting is a powerful visual tool in gardens, especially when placed behind big pots, sculptures and other hefty architectural pieces. Backlighting is all about illuminating shapes, and work great in modern contemporary backyards. Stone and brick walls make fantastic backdrops for backlighting, as you will truly be able to see the texture and contour of your wall. When in doubt, backlight!

4. Remember To Incorporate Task Lighting

Task lights are lights that are essential if you are going to do things such as barbecue, play sports or dine in your backyard. These are lights that illuminate areas in which you need to be able to see clearly. A good example is down lights above a dining table, or clip lights above a barbecue where you want to be able to see exactly what you are doing, for both hygiene and safety purposes.

5. Solar Power Lights

Last but not least, we have solar power lights. Solar power lights utilise solar energy collected in the day time and turn on at night, ensuring that you are not wasting electricity and thus keeping the bills as low as possible. Given that solar lights tend to produce a more diffused light than other options, they are also a fantastic option for areas in which you need some subtle lighting without excess glare. One thing to keep in mind is that the cheaper the solar light, the shorter the lifespan. We would advise on spending a little extra and investing in good lighting that will last you years.


We hope that this article has given you a number of ideas when it comes to revitalising your backyard with creative lighting. With a little know how, you’ll turn your otherwise boring backyard into a magical space that your friends and family will absolutely fall in love with!

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