The 10 Best jQuery Lightbox Plugins

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jQuery is a brilliant library to get your hands on, even for designers and server-side developers using it more and more in every day development. Today we have listed The 10 Best jQuery Lightbox plugins to help you display images, popups, and notices without the need to load a new window. Images and videos can


24 Best Jquery Parallax Scrolling Tutorials


Parallax scrolling is all about grabbing users’ attention and encourage them to stay longer and explore more.  In this article,  I’ve put together some great CSS and jQuery parallax scrolling tutorials to make it easier to do parallax effects. Follow these step by step parallax scrolling tutorials and learn how to create your own jQuery


10 Best Free Parallax Plugins jQuery

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Here is a collection of Best Free jQuery Parallax Plugins to help you to create killer scrolling websites with vertical or horizontal parallax scrolling effects. All these awesome jQuery plugins are under the MIT license so you can use in both commercial or personal projects.


Top 20 jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins

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A carousel slider allows users to organize their website content such as videos, images and text in a creative and attractive way. It’s an extremely common trend in modern web design. You can easily achieve a desired and visually appealing look for your website by using jQuery Image and content sliders.

In this article we have gathered top 20 free jQuery slider carousel plugins to help you organize bulk contents in a limited space.

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Creating a Simple Sliding Puzzle Game with jQuery

Today we are making a simple puzzle game called “Fifteen”. The purpose of the game is to slide 15 square blocks around to form an image. The goal of this tutorial is to look at this simple browser-based game and explain how it was made line by line. It’s a great way to learn jQuery. For this